Operating in the Automation market since 2003, Roger Krolikowski, owner of Mastertec Soluções em Automação Industrial, has been developing projects and startup in several industrial areas throughout Brazil and in several countries in Latin America. After analyzing the needs of the customers he served in this period, he set out to create Mastertec in order to meet the needs of the market that increasingly demand new ideas allied to the perfect application of technology.

With the arrival of the crisis in the national market in early 2015, Mastertec began a series of market studies and finally chose not to participate in this negative scenario.

New strategies were defined, and we began the work that during the year was generating results, creating new partnerships and giving us the possibility of growth.

In October 2015, we left our old headquarters, a 40m² office in the Niterói neighborhood, and moved to our new structure in the Igara neighborhood, a building with an electrical assembly area of ​​400m² on the first floor and an area of ​​100m² of offices in the second Administrative, commercial and engineering.

With great expectations for the year 2018, Mastertec continues to improve and seek to strengthen its partnerships.
Mastertec thanks the trust of all our customers and partners and can rest assured that we will always work to deliver the best in industrial automation in the world market!

Our philosophy: technology at the service of man.

Our Mission: to provide peace of mind to our clients.

Our values: ethics, commitment and honesty.