Superando suas expectativas

Organização, produtividade e velocidade, nosso compromisso com sua empresa.

"Tornar o simples complicado é lugar-comum,
Tornar o complicado simples, isso é criatividade."

- Charles Mingus

Solução em Tecnologia e Automação Industrial.

Mastertec is a company focused on the development of Industrial Automation Solutions, we work close to our customers, bringing the best solutions according to customer’s needs.




We believe that organization, productivity and speed, connected to technology, are the pillars of Automation.

Mastertec works with dedication and commitment in order to exceed expectations, from a minor adjustment to a major project.

Electric Panel Assembly

From a simple *command* to a complex painel, Mastertec team is specialized in assemblies and installations. Based in a 400m² area, we have specialized tooling and skilled labour to manage customer’s requests, as well as, market needs.

Software development

With a wide experience in software development, our team delivers the best software solutions. We work with all players in the market according to our customers’ needs.

Technical assistance

Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals and partners, specialized in solving machine problems and production line issues, in several areas of the Industrial sector. Technical assistance for mechanic, electric and automated machines.

Electric Project

Electric project development, from the basics to the specification and quantification of materials.

Project Consultancy

Based on technical knowledge and a wide experience, we offer project consultancy, supporting timeline development, descriptions, specifications of electric and electronic components, finding partners and following up.

Special Trainings

Specific trainings for maintenance teams, showing electric and automation concepts in order to facilitate PLC comprehension, reducing maintenance time and consequently production line stoppage.

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